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Welcome to the Town Council's website.

 The Council hope that the website will improve communication with the parishioners and enable the community to keep up to date with what the Council is currently involved with.

 You can now easily access the Agenda for forthcoming Council Meetings and download the Minutes too. Take a look at the CALENDAR which gives details of forthcoming Council and Committee Meetings and any major events that are coming up in the town.

 Keep an eye on the LATEST ITEMS section which indicates when any new information has been put on the site. This could be Minutes of Meetings or any important information received from the other local authorities like the Cotswold District Council or Gloucestershire County Council, indeed any organisation that has information or news which the Council think would be of interest to the community.

 The Council hope that you will find the website useful. If you have any suggestions for additional information that could be included on this site please do get in touch.


Vacancy for Town Councillor

A vacancy has arisen for a new Town Councillor (West Ward).  If you are interested in this role or would like any further information please contact the Clerk. 



 We have allotments available in Old Town (University Allotnments) and off Evenlode Road (Croft Allotments). Please contact the office if you would like to rent a plot. £20 per year.

Report or view local problems on your street like graffitti, broken paving slabs, potholes or lighting. 

Consultation Statement

A Statement from Moreton in Marsh Town Council


 Parking and Associated Issues


 Your Council has been occupied in recent months in seeking solutions to the parking issues that affect the town and we are very grateful to the Parking Working group under the chairmanship of Andy Burrows for providing us with statistics, views and recommendations on which to base our plans.  As part of this process, it is quite clear that another large car park is required in order to provide an overall increase in parking spaces for residents, employees and our visitors and to make better and more viable use of the "market" car park and streets in the town centre.


 To this end we have established a review of land owned by the Council to maximise its use and potential.


 In November 2017 the Council submitted a very substantial bid to purchase the former Royal British Legion site near to the station which would have provided approximately 150 parking spaces but were unsuccessful in that bid.  Consequently we are now pursuing another option and you will be updated on these negotiations when commercially possible.


 As previously announced and as part of our land review, we are proposing to examine our allotment provision:  all outcomes of this examination will not in any way reduce the total number of allotments available.  In addition, subject to future demand, the Council may well seek additional allotment sites from housing developers.  A current proposal, subject to consultation and ratification by the Council, is to relocate   those at "Croft" to one or more other sites so that the land at "Croft" can be used in due course for other purposes beneficial to the town.  As part of this consultation the Council is seeking views on the suitability of land behind the Top Cemetery for use as allotments and will meet with the National Allotment Association in early February to discuss these matters.


 It should be clearly noted that no final decisions will be taken until the necessary consultations with stakeholders have been undertaken - these consultations have begun for the allotments review and will be scheduled in due course for parking. 


 In the meantime we would welcome any views and comments you may have which can be submitted to the Clerk at the address noted above.


  Tom Lewis





Gloucestershire County Council will clear snow from the roads.

The Town Council have grit bins located at the Cider Press (Fosseway Ave), Church St (Manor House), Church Street (St David's Church), East Street  (steps to embankment), Wellington Rd and Hospital Road. 

The Council also has bags of salt that can be collected from the Council Office.  The grit and salt is provided by GCC and is for use, by the public, on public roads and footpaths.


Flooding - some useful contact numbers and information 


 Please follow the link:



2016 - 17 Accounts have been audited

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2016-17.pdf 



Town Council Budget/Precept Statement

This year the Council’s Finance Committee has put a lot of hard work into setting out our budget proposals.

 The Council will seek a precept of £144,118, which is approximately a £48,000 increase on previous years.  This equates to an increase of approximately 50p per week on a Band D household, we would like to explain the reasons for this larger than usual request.

 The increase can be broken down to two basic elements.

 1. Operational costs that include:

  • Increased spending on staff costs bringing our employees remuneration in line with the Government’s Workplace Pension Laws.
  • Our grass cutting outlay has increased as we have added 3 extra cuts to the scheme to keep the town looking good.
  • Provision has been made for street furniture and fencing upkeep and improvements including a comprehensive program of painting.
  • An increase in professional costs, which includes legal advice and payroll and accounts management.

 2.  Structural alterations:

 We have altered the make up of the budget by transferring investment income into reserves. This will enable greaterfinancial resilience for the future and help your Council fund anumber of special projects including but not limited to:

  • - Consultation, design and legal requirements to improve the town centre parking arrangements.
  • - A contribution to Cotswold District Council of £10,000 for continuing flood defence works.
  • - The refurbishment of the Horse Pool.
  • - Cleaning and repairing the town’s War Memorial.
  • - Progressing and developing the Neighbourhood Plan
  • - Part funding with the GCC of a new pavement to improve safety and access to the Queen Victoria Gardens.
  • - In future all activities sponsored by the Council such as music events, anniversaries and other special events will be funded from reserves and not    through the public precept.

Your Council has agreed that this is the best way forward for the Town and we look forward to delivering these improvements on your behalf.   

               Tom Lewis  (Chairman)                                                                 12/01/2017

 Parking Consultation

Thank you to all the Moreton residents who attended the parking consultationn event held on 17th September.  138 forms were submitted with the followng results (allocated numbers reflect the total responses weighted by preference);

1.  High Street Car Park - 627

2.  Old British Legion site - 510

3.  'Bund' site on the A44 north - 348

4.  Redesdale Place - 294

5. University Allotments - 259

6.  Swan Close - 206

The Town Council will immediately commence the legal process to have the High Street Car Park correctly designated and signed so that time limits on free parking can be enforced; this will take a number of months.  Parking for business users will also be addressed.

In the next few weeks a meeting will be held with Gloucestershire County Council's parking team to review options for on-street parking which falls under their jurisdiction. 

Subsequently, the Council will explore the possibility of acquiring the British Legion site for use in due course as a further car park.

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