What does a councillor do?

snow1Most people's impression of what a Councillor does is that they just attend Council Meetings and nothing could be further from the truth. The duties and pleasure, of being a local councillor are many and varied. However, it is the ordinary day to day contact with local people in their own community that is the most important part of being a Councillor.

One of the most important tasks of a Councillor is listening to and understanding the views of people in their community. A Councillor agrees to attend all meetings that he/she is summoned to. Through all of their functions Councillors will draw on their own skills and experiences and it is the sharing of these skills that makes a strong team.

The Council provide a focus for the community to identify concerns and projects and endeavour to solve them locally themselves. Councillors working as a team will need to deal with, budgeting, asset management, finance, staff management & project management. Accounts must be also be kept and whilst the Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer is employed to carry out this duty, Councillors together, as a team, are responsible for financial decisions made and implemented. The Clerk is employed to advise and seek advice on behalf of Councillors to assist them in their decisions. Councillors are there to consider the information gathered and make a group decision on all matters. No individual Councillor is responsible for any single decision.

Ordinary local elections take place on the first Thursday in May every 4 years. The next elections will take place in May 2019. However, if a Councillor resigns in the interim, then the Council fill the seat using the Casual Vacancy Procedure. All Councillors are either elected or co opted volunteers from the local community.

Every Councillor signs a Declaration of Acceptance of Office and thereby undertakes to observe an ethical Code of Conduct when dealing with matters on behalf of the Community. Councillors must also complete a Register of Members' Interests form which is lodged with the Cotswold District Council.

If you are interested in finding out more about being a Councillor, please contact the Clerk of Council on 01608 651448 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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